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Educational Planning Examples

When it comes to Retirement Income, College needs  or how you finance your Home and Cars:

Do you want to guess what you will save or spend or where you will actually end up? These are large financial decisions that will affect you for many years. Until you manage and reduce risk: you are still Hoping, which is another word for Guessing.  Why not take the guessing out of these important financial decisions!?

One of the things we have learned thru years of experience is that there are some things about money that we are taught that are simply not the best ways of getting to your goals.

Think about this: In your house, do you still use an “outhouse”? Of course not, you probably have a wonderful thing called “indoor plumbing”!

Now take that example and apply it to money:

No one is taught WHAT their money is and how best to use that money. Most are “gambling” with their future monies, and Hoping or Guessing they will have “more” in the future. The reason you are gambling is you are told that is the way to make a rate of return: You have an “outhouse” and no one has told you that you can have “indoor plumbing”. You DO NOT have to gamble to get a return on your money.

Most people are so concerned about their return, and while it is important, it is MORE important that you keep as MUCH AS YOU CAN of that return.  We differentiate ourselves by focusing on your exit strategy.

Let’s look at an Example: let’s say you have $1,000 and you have an annual return of 5%, your tax on the return is 25% and inflation is 4%.

What do you get to Keep?

Normal Method – You actually lose value!


After 1 year:



After 5 years:



After 10 years:





A Different AND Safe approach - You gain value!


After 1 year:



After 5 years:



After 10 years:




Source: http://www.dinkytown.net/java/SavingsVariables.html

Optimum Financial will help you find the money you are unneccesarily OR unknowingly giving away!

Now that you have seen that Hoping and Guessing may not be the best way to get to your goal, we can show you one of the ways that we PLAN.  It is referred to as savings with a reset, or savings with “guardrails”. This is a method  that captures earnings and negates principal losses.

Below is an example with a $100,000 account, and a 3 year time frame:


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